Full Service

Everything you want from an HR department, without having an HR department.

We’re much more than just an outsourced HR service.

We’ll integrate ourselves into your business just like your very own in-house team – attending meetings, running reports, managing your HR inbox and more – with all the expert knowledge and experience, and none of the hassle.


The package for growing businesses

HR is important. And isn’t something to muddle through or wing it – or add to someone else’s busy workload. It takes an expert to do a proper job, and we’ve got all the talent and experience you need.

Our Full Service package does it all – from regular admin and monitoring your HR email address to working at board level to ensure HR helps your business grow. Your staff will be happier, and your business will stay compliant with ever-changing employment legislation.

Leave it all to us – or get involved as much as you like. Simply pick up the phone and speak to your dedicated team.

Our outsourced service covers:

  • The day-to-day, including admin
  • Regular meetings with a senior HR consultant (virtual or in-person)
  • HR inbox management
  • Board meeting involvement
  • Strategic reporting

How it works

Why choose WeDo HR support

Full Service: all your ongoing HR, sorted

When you choose WeDo, we become an integral part of your business – and although we might not be in your actual office day-to-day, we’re 100% Team You.

Our Full Service package does exactly what it says on the tin. We will take on the role of your entire HR department – so you don’t have to hire anyone, and you know it’s all being done correctly.

And we aren’t just reactive. We’ll proactively manage all your day-to-day HR duties, from absences to employment contracts. And when someone calls or emails HR, we’ll be there on the other end with answers.

Or maybe you just want to talk something through – and we love chatting about HR. Some of our clients call it HR therapy. A friendly voice you can speak to – or moan to – who understands your challenges. And we’ll always try to say yes more than no. Working within legislation can often mean an HR department will give you a big list of things you can’t do. But when you know the law like we do, there are always options. So, whatever your plan, we’ll come up with a number of solutions, and advise you on the levels of risk involved.

We’ll make it a priority to understand your business – not just your HR requirements – because that’s how we make the biggest difference, and help your business grow.

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We work for businesses of all shapes and sizes, and our prices are tailored to the number of employees you have and your specific needs.

We’re always great value. Get in touch and we’ll create a bespoke pricing structure just for you.

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