Mergers and acquisitions consulting

We know what it takes to ensure a successful transition.

We can guide you through change in whatever form that comes in, whether that be restructuring, employee engagement, and/or compliance.

Support every step of the way

Handled correctly, mergers and acquisitions unlock growth opportunities and profitability. But in the early stages, there are considerations that impact the success of the launch.

Bringing different people and company cultures together can turn into a cocktail of ways of working. But a shakeup doesn’t mean a breakup. With decades of experience, we can support you every step of the way.

organised structure

Organisational structure and talent restructuring

tupe support

TUPE support for affected employees

Communicating the changes to your employees

Company values

Alignment of company values and culture in a changing landscape

staying compliant

Staying compliant as your responsibilities shift

maximum staff happiness

Ensuring maximum staff happiness

How it works

Why choose WeDo HR support

Taking the mess out of mergers.

While transitioning is an exciting prospect, it brings a lot of uncertainty. We know where breakdowns can happen and put measures in place to create a plan that works best for everyone involved.

Our experience covers both small and large businesses across the UK, and even includes the handling of our own merge into the WeDo Group.

No two mergers are the same, so we’ll lay out the options and possible outcomes, helping you choose the right decision for your unique circumstances.

  • Access to a team of senior consultants
  • Impartial advice with your goals in mind
  • Pick up the phone when you need us

One-off projects

What else is keeping you up at night?

We can support your in-house team with specialist expertise on a one-time basis. Whether it’s dealing with your employee wellbeing, health and safety or more delicate issues, we can provide the expert help you need.

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